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Forever Grateful - I knew that training with Jeannette was going to be a huge game changer for me.  As a trainer she committed 100% to helping me change, regardless of my struggles she never turned her back on me.  So many factors set her apart from other trainers.  I have gained health confidence, discipline, strength both physically and mentally.   I will forever be grateful because Jeannette gave me my life back and l am proud to represent the JEANNETTIX TEAM.

Eileen Vale-Hager

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I suffered from real bad asthma and other conditions and aliments.  I was training with another trainer but always watched Jeannettes method of training.  I knew she was tough but I told her my dream of actually hitting the stage at my age.  I remember her words to me.  "If you trust me and follow my process I will turn your body into something you wont believe".  And let me tell you she completely changed me - Carlos Acevedo

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Jeannette was recommended to me and I  was very shy when I started with Jeannette.  I didn't have any strength; she worked with me and was very patient with me.  I love how Jeannette makes sure you are always learning something.  She is all about educating her team so we can all get results.

Dasha Kolomiiets

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Jeannette is such an approachable and empathetic trainer.  Its like she took me under her wings to not only change me physically but to teach me so much of the industry.  She took me to a whole other level and I am so blessed not only with the changes but the friendship that was built through my journey - Yvens Carrenard

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Thank you Coach for changing my life.  Thanks to you I am smarter in how I train, eat and take care of my body.  You are my forever Favorite favorite Coach.  If you want someone to guide you and change you in a way you never imagined than contact the BEST, contact Jeannette ASAP.

Eileen Ramos

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I am a Military Veteran; a Marine at that.  She acknowledged my military background though I was out of shape.  But she definitely knew what this Marine needed.  The push she gave me was insane.  She definitely knows how to get inside the head of those she trains.  She had me in those fight or flight moments and this is why I attained these results.  She is straight BEAST Trainer.

Jordan DelaCruz

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I am petite frame.  I wanted to focus on adding some weight to the scale and put on some muscle.  Jeannettes professionalism and knowledge of the fitness industry is amazing.  She teaches you so much in a way so you can get an understanding of your body.  I highly recommend her

Sheila Melendez

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Jeannette is an AMAZING Coach, Leader, Motivator, Mentor and Trainer.  I was already going to the gym getting my workouts but I couldn't believe how she changed not only my body but my mind.  She has a skillset like no other. Im so thankful for her guidance & mentorship.  Thank you so much.  

Micheal Gonzalez

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I can't lie i was a little scared and nervous since I had seen her videos on social media.  But knew I needed a drastic change.  I was impressed impressed with how well she worked with me.   She is an absolute educator in this field.  She is an amazing coach leader and mentor.  You have to hit her up! She is worth it!

Abigail Reyes

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