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What is Jeannettix

"Individually Unique"


Jeannettix (Defined)


1.  To look within oneself and see the distinct molecular beauty one possesses as a gift.

2.  Your personal unique gift that makes your entire being,  this includes and is NOT limited to qualities, talents, skills, abilites, characteristics, and attributes.

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You Are Jeannettix

Many times we fail to realize what it takes to get fashionable apparel to the consumers.  There will always be intricate details that are behind the scenes that very few people get to see or experience; the consumer just sees the end product.  Fashion has depths that become a collective effort which brings people from all around the world together.  But never forget you are just as an important part to that end product because it is you that sets the trending fashions we see today.

About Us -Make a Statement


Become a walking resume rather than a standing billboard for fashion apparel.

Too many times we find ourselves wearing fashion pieces that have no true significance other than a status quo.  We wear a brand and become a walking billboard for companies/brands but of no real benefit to the consumer.  This is where Jeannettix Fashion differs.  Jeannettix by definition means something different to each individually-unique person who wears the fashion piece.  Why? because Jeannettix is about encompassing the entire being of that that individual who is wearing the piece.  We pride ourselves in promoting the individual.  So instead of being a walking billboard for a company that doesn't know you, you are now a walking resume of who you are "jeannettically".  An apparel that is a talking time piece allowing you to network with others so that you can excel in whatever aspects of life whether you have personal, economical, financial and/or spiritual goals.  So when you see someone wearing the Jeannettix Fashion brand we dare you to ask "WHAT IS YOUR JEANNETTIX GIFT?"

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