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Jeannettix Training

Lead by a 15+ yr fully qualified and accredited trainer, Jeannette Feliciano.  Jeannettix Training has been getting the residents of Orlando, FL fit, one body at a time. Regardless of whatever shape you’re in, we could all use a bit of professional guidance and encouragement from time to time. If you feel like losing several pounds, or even bulking up or so — get in touch with us today and let’s get moving.

If you want to take your fitness to the next level, whether you're an athlete, a fitness competitor, an avid gym goer or you want to learn something new you will be impressed with the results simply by having the Jeannettix Training Team  on your side. GUARANTEED

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jeannettix Training: FAQ

"How much do you charge?'

I charge $50 per each session.  Regardless if it is 1 session or 20 sessions it is the same price per session which last 1hr long

"How long are your sessions?"

Each session last a total of 1 hour.  Included in that hour is a 10 minutes mandatory warm up at the start of your session.

"Do you have a monthly rate?"

No I do not charge a monthly rate.  I charger per session.  Each session is $50 which last a total of 1 hour.

If I get more than 1 session a week do I get a discount or do I pay less?

I charge $50 whether you are training for 1 session or 80 sessions.  The price of $50 is a discounted rate for a coach, mentor, leader motivator and trainer such as myself who has been in this industry for 20 years.  There is not a separate price based on how many sessions you purchase.

"Can you come to train me at my home gym?"

To be a traveling trainer I charge $100 per person who is training.  Each session is 1 hour long.  I travel within a 15 miles radius of 32809

"Do you charge extra for nutritional and workout guidance plans?"

Yes, I create what is called a Workout / Nutrition Combo Program at a separate cost of $650. 


"What does your Nutrition and Workout Plan consist of?"

The JEANNETTIX NUTRITION AND WORKOUT COMBO PLAN consist of a very in depth program that guides you in every aspect of your journey.  The plan has 4 phases to both the nutrition and training.  So you will notice that your program changes in phases according to your journey.  The plan also has a listed supplement protocol to go along your healthy journey.  You receive both an emailed copy so you can access it directly from your phone and a hard copy of the program along with a JEANNETTIX shirt.  Weekly checkins are a must with me so I can see how you are progressing.  The program has links to every exercise with videos of how to perform each exercise.  Plus there are links to every purchase you may need to make.  It averages 45-50 pages per client.  It is an amazing and very effective program that brings results guaranteed.


"Can I break up the payments for the Nutrition and Workout Combo Program?"

If I have to break up the payment.  I break it up into 2 payments of $325 each.  The first payment is a $325 Non-Refundable Deposit (Because I start working on the program right away) and you will receive the program once the second payment is received.  2nd payment must be received no later than 2 weeks after initial First non-refundable deposit was made.

"Do you train clients on the weekend?

Currently I do NOT train clients on the weekend.

"How do you take payment?"

I take payment through       Zelle, Apple Pay, Venmo, PayPal, Cash App(+3%fee) and Cash

"Do you train people who have health conditions, ailments?"

For the past 20 years I have worked with people of all different backgrounds and those who face different challenges.  From military personnel who have been severely injured through war; to athletes who have had injuries due to sports.   I worked with minor to severe clients who suffer from everything such as Respiratory issues, Spinal injuries, Scoliosis, Chronic Diseases such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes.  Clients who have seizures.  Clients who are working on 1 kidney.  Pretty much I have worked with all different types of clients throughout the years.  Regardless of your condition remember you can always lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle with Team Jeannettix

Where are you located and where do you train clients?

Due to the Covid19 pandemic I decided to protect myself, my family and MY CLIENTS.  With that being said I train my clients from my home gym.  Keeping you all safe is my number 1 prioty. 


JEANNETTIX Training Session Rules

It is a MUST that ALL clients and potential clients read and acknowledge the JEANNETTIX TRAINING SESSION RULES as no one is exempt from the rules.

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Nutritional and Workout Program Combo


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When Sending Before Photos

Your before photos are to be of your full body.  Photos are very important in your journey.  For many it is a tough process.  Rest assure that all photos are for the JEANNETTIX files ONLY.  No photos or videos are ever displayed on any social media platform without the consent and approval of the client.

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The health of my clients is my #1 priority.  Keeping them safe during Covid-19 and providing a clean and sanitized space where they can continue their health journey.  I provide Masks and Gloves to ALL my clients along with hand sanitizer.  

Avoid the clutter of a big gym and get an amazing workout.  Trust that nothing is lacking in this location.

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